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A personal view of the drink-driving issue in the UK

This site strongly opposes and condemns DRUNKEN DRIVING and supports the UK 80 mg limit.
Stay low - stay safe!

The Dangers of Drinking and Driving
Read This First!
Why 50 mg Is Wrong
Lowering the UK legal limit would do nothing to cut road deaths while putting thousands of pubs out of business. This page is especially vital now the government have decided to look again at slashing the limit
The Facts About Drinking and Driving
A copy of an official booklet from 1986 that deals with the issue in a much more honest and straightforward way than would be possible today
Drink-Driving Guidelines
What you need to know to stay within the legal limit
Who are the High Risk Offenders?
An in-depth look at the key issue in reducing drink-related road casualties
The Soft Option
Do high soft drink prices encourage drink-driving?
Who'll Be Des?
Can designated driver schemes achieve a major reduction in drink-driving?
80 mg Limit to Stay
Sober reflections on the welcome news that the plan to reduce the UK drink-driving limit has been shelved for the foreseeable future
Drink-Driving in Perspective
Bringing a sense of proportion to the subject
Would 50mg Work?
How would a reduced drink-driving limit really influence driver behaviour, and what difference would it make to road casualties?
Drink-Driving Law
A summary of the current law relating to drink-driving in the UK
Highway Code Changes
Commentary on changes to the Highway Code currently being proposed by the Government

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Drink-Driving and Pubs

Driven Away from Drink
How the impact of the drink-driving issue has irrevocably changed the British pub
The End of the Road for the Pub?
How would a cut in the drink-drive limit really affect pubs?
Why is 2010 Different from 1967?
Predictions that the 1967 breathalyser law would decimate the pub trade proved to be greatly overstated. Why should 2010 be any different?

Case Studies

The Thirteen-Pint Killer
Peter Noble sank 13 pints, then got in his car and killed six people...Why did no one stop him?
Can You Get Any Worse?
Twice-banned Allan Jackson was high on cocaine and vodka and Red Bull when he mounted the pavement in a red light district to try to avoid the police, killing three female pedestrians
Drunken driving is wrong - but so would be a reduction in the UK drink-driving limit